Duke and Sharon Merrick

“Perfect” is a strong word to describe anything. But Duke and Sharon Merrick would say that it’s probably the most accurate way to describe the idyllic lush countryside and peaceful atmosphere that surrounds them every day. They live where the serenity of the Blue Ridge Mountains meets the green rolling hills of Central Virginia, with simple elegance and sense of history. Duke and Sharon can’t imagine being anywhere else, nor would they want to. To them, this is the perfect place to compliment the perfect lifestyle.

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Complementary Style


dukeandsharon1After years of farming, Duke is usually up before dawnoverseeing his cattle and farming operation and then off to the office.

Like Duke, Sharon rises early most days and goes for a jog down their country lanes. Always an athlete, she loves the outdoors and for her, there is no better way to start the day. It is her time to take in the inspirational sights and sounds of country life. Afterwards, Sharon returns to the farm to play with the dogs, tend to the horses and spend some time in her garden.

On their days off, they enjoy many hobbies aside from the farm. They are both musicians and horse lovers – Sharon is the equestrian while Duke is the cowboy. They enjoy the water and are happy when they are sailing, swimming or fly-fishing. Duke loves history, antiques and old tools and incorporates that into his hobby of restoring log cabins. Sharon has a great eye for design and has displayed that talent in many of her previous homes – several have been featured in local magazines. Together, they also belong to the Keswick Hunt Club among other community involvements.

sharon1The Perfect Match

It only takes a moment to see what brought this husband and wife together. Duke’s sense of Southern style and Sharon’s polished, easy sophistication are the perfect complement to each other. Their respective skills and shared values balance their approach to their work and bring out their best. As business partners, they are perfectly poised to help their clients with the unique real estate needs of living in the Central Virginia countryside – because they live it everyday themselves and enjoy the lifestyle to the fullest.

A Perfect Combination

His roots deeply planted in this area, Duke has spent the last 30 years working the farm that has been in his family since 1948. After years of helping his friends and neighbors discover and enjoy the beauty and satisfaction of country living, he realized it was second nature to share this quality of life with his clients as a real estate professional. His love for people is readily apparent by the way he instantly sets his clients at ease. He truly understands the myriad of emotions they are experiencing. As a second generation farmer, he knows all aspects of estate acreage – from soil to livestock from cropping to fencing.

During Sharon’s 20-year banking career, she underwrote and handled over $6 billion dollars in real estate transactions and enjoyed great success, but as time passed she discovered that what she really wanted to do was enjoy a more tranquil life – exactly like she has found here with Duke. Though working with Duke is worlds apart from her corporate past, she still utilizes her business savvy and her focus for details. She is organized and methodical in her approach to real estate and, as a broker, she offers genuine insight and guidance to her clients when it comes to the decision-making process of buying or selling their home. She analyzes the appropriate methods for marketing a property and develops strategic plans of action that are designed specifically to achieve results.

duke1Pairing Duke’s knowledge of the country lifestyle with Sharon’s financial background as an investment banker is the perfect complement of skill, education and experience and gives there clients a real sense that Duke & Sharon can identify with their needs and achieve results.

Country Living Specialists

Duke & Sharon appreciate the tranquility of country living and they have made it their careers to share it with their clients as premier real estate professionals, encompassing the best of what Jefferson Country has to offer. They love what they do and together Duke & Sharon offer a personal touch that tells you they truly care about your needs.


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