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The Howard Hanna office in Charlottesville, Virginia, finds its home in the Ednam House, a nationally registered historical landmark of significant architectural and historical importance. Designed by the renowned Richmond architect D. Wiley Anderson, the Ednam House was commissioned by Edwin O. Meyer, a wealthy New Yorker, and stands as one of Virginia's most ambitious examples of early Colonial Revival style. Completed in 1905, Ednam exudes grandeur with its stately portico, rich classical detailing and elaborate interiors. The architectural prowess of D. Wiley Anderson is evident in the meticulous design, creating a residence that perfectly encapsulates the opulence and sophistication deemed fitting for its southern location.

Nestled within the historic walls of Ednam, the Howard Hanna office in Charlottesville benefits from the unique charm and timeless elegance of its surroundings. The historical significance of Ednam House as a nationally registered landmark adds a distinctive touch to the office, creating an atmosphere that seamlessly blends the professionalism of Howard Hanna with the rich heritage of the Blue Ridge Mountain landscape. Clients and visitors to the Howard Hanna office in Charlottesville are welcomed into a space that not only serves as a hub for real estate services but also allows them to experience the grandiose southern image embodied by Ednam, a true testament to the synergy between modern real estate endeavors and the enduring legacy of historical landmarks.


As the top family-owned and -operated real estate company in the country,* Howard Hanna is comprised of local real estate experts who live and work in the communities we serve.


Howard Hanna Real Estate Services is part of an invitation-only global network of premier luxury brokers dedicated to providing a surpassing home selling experience.

  • 550 brokerages throughout the world, with over 150,000 sales associates.
  • Brokerages in over 70 countries that are trained in the art and science of selling the world's most unique and desirable properties.
  • Over $250 billion in real estate sales each year, more than any other network or franchise system.
  • Largest network of premier, locally branded real estate companies.
  • Properties are elegantly showcased to millions of high-net-worth consumers annually.

Howard Hanna Real Estate Services ranks nationally as the fifth largest real estate company with offices across PA, OH, NY, IN, NC, VA, SC, MI, NJ, WV, MD, KY, and CT.